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New Release by Ian Christopher - Out July 27th on Beatport + Streaming August 8th


New Release by Ian Christopher - Out Now


Out Now
Andrew Black - Glamorous EP


Spec·ta·cle [Spek-tuh-kuhl]

Re·cor·dings [Ri-kor-dings]

The name of the label says it all. By definition, a 'Spectacle' is a striking performance or display, a call to the attention of one's action or behavior. Spectacle Recordings aims to create this feeling — a feeling where one can let go and be free.

Spectacle Recordings, based in Miami, was founded in 2014 by Ian Christopher and Andrew Black. The label aims to provide an irreverent mode of underground house music and provide sanctuary from those seeking new concepts and genre-defying alternatives. Soul, groove, and eclectic vibes are firmly weaved in the label's DNA.

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AgaveAnnouncementsArtistsNew Releases
October 17, 2021

Agave – New Release

Agave is Ian Christopher's latest release that takes you on a three-loop roller coaster. The first track, Silvestre, features bassy acid breaks with floating vocals and a bright synth to…
Andrew Black - Glamorous EPAnnouncementsArtistsNew Releases
October 15, 2020

Andrew Black Debuts with Glamorous EP

Andrew Black debuts on Spectacle Recordings with an EP that showcases his eclectic, irreverent, and funky perspective on house music. He twists the genre, instantly lures you in, takes you…
Casual Emergence by Ian ChristopherAnnouncementsNew Releases
August 17, 2020

Casual Emergence – New Release

Chopped R&B vocals, wobbling bass, an ethereal arp pad, bright hats, and a kick you can feel. These are the core sounds behind Casual Emergence by Ian Christopher. Out 9/22/2020…